Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday, and Some Release Dates!

Yay, I'm back!  Yes, I'm late, as usual...I needed an extra week for the book, since we got smacked pretty hard with Irene here in Southern MD, and no power plus children home from school (and bored) is not a great work environment.  Turned it in a week ago, spent the week re-entering the world, and am now...well, ready to get back to work:)

First things first...this is Music Monday, and I've been listening to a lot of my older stuff on Ye Olde iPod lately.  Here's a great song from a favorite of mine, Aqualung.  I love both the music and the lyrics.  Enjoy!

Second thing is I have a better idea of my release schedule for the next year (huzzah!).  Looks like this:
March - MIRROR, MIRROR (will be available online through eHarlequin, digital only, and is the first of a
              number of erotic romance novellas I'll do for their new Cravings line)
July - (no title yet) novella in Harlequin's summer anthology VACATION WITH A VAMPIRE, and
         provided I get the final thumbs up on story, will be about Justin, the vampire king from RENEGADE
         ANGEL and his unwanted but eventful vacation from Terra Noctem;)

*there is also a distinct possibility my second Cravings will be out digitally late in the's tied to the first and has an ornery dragon as the hero.  Er, well, anti-hero, I guess.  I like those!  And I like fairy tales, too, hence the overarching theme of the fairy tale bad boys finding true love.

Happy Monday, everyone!