Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Release Day!

It's finally here!  SHADOW RISING, the story of my badass assassin and the mysterious, innocent, deadly woman he can't stay away from hits shelves today!  I'm so thrilled to see this story come out, because while I love all my characters, Damien and Ariane really pulled at me.  And of course, as I've mentioned before, I love snarky heroes who are only barely redeemable.  I've got quite a few things planned, but here's what you can check out so far, and keep your eye on the blog for further blog and giveaway dates! 

For an excerpt, check out Underworld Love Addiction HERE.

For a fun Q&A, go to Fic Talk HERE.

And for what is possibly the most awesome review I've ever seen of the wntire series, go check out Tori MacAllister's blog HERE.

And there are just so many wonderful reviews coming out.  There really aren't words for how happy I am to see that!

Thanks to everyone who reads my work, from the people who've been following along for a while to those of you just picking up one of my stories.  You all make this worth it.  I love release day!  And did I mention that Lara Adrian tweeted about my release this morning?  Because oh my God.  I had a major fangirl moment.

Happy reading!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Things! Now with More Stuff!

I've been off in the Deadly Desert of California visiting my sister over the past week, and am now back to work. It's sort of an avalanche of work. This always happens. The Fates are on some other plane pointing at me and laughing. "No summer vacation for you!"  Anyway, I have a few things to offer...

First, DARK AWAKENING is now in the final week of its sale as an e-book. If you're interested, this will be your last chance to pick it up for $2.99 for a while, so get thee to an electronic retailer! Go HERE for the Amazon page (though it's also at B&N, etc).

Second, I have a blog post up at the Forever Romance blog today talking about my newest hero, Damien Tremaine!  He was, no joke, SO fun to write.  I'd love some company, so come on over and join the conversation about bad boys HERE.

Third, I have a LOT of blog events coming up, complete with giveaways!  I'll be listing them here as they're about to occur, so keep an eye out.   And this is because (*drum roll*) SHADOW RISING comes out one week from tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it, but these things have a way of sneaking up on me!

Finally, I finally bit the bullet and am now on Pinterest as KendraLCastle.  I say "bit the bullet" because I have what can nicely be called a "shiny object problem."  If we're not being quite as nice, we could say I'm bad about procrastinating on the internet.  It comes to the same!  Regardless, I got the invite about a week ago and will be starting to set up boards and things presently.  I have no idea what I'm doing, but when has that stopped me?

Have a great Monday, and stay tuned! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Sale! A Sale!

If you haven't guessed, I'm very excited about this:)  All month long during the run-up to the release of SHADOW RISING, the third book in my Dark Dynasties series, the first book, DARK AWAKENING, is on sale digitally for $2.99!  This is a most excellent way to try the series and see if you like my brooding cat vamps, and I'm hoping a lot of readers who've been on the fence due to pricing will snap this up and give the series a chance.

In other news, yes, I have been a mole person, but I've finished the edits to DD#4, IMMORTAL CRAVING, which will be out in February!  And I finished a novelette for Harlequin Cravings, which I might have mentioned.  And now I have blog posts to do for my upcoming swing through the blogosphere when SHADOW RISING comes out.

I keep promising myself vacation time.  This would be easier without this weird writing-related OCD I seem to have developed.  However, I AM enjoying some reading time, and I just came back from a nice trip to see my family in NC, during which I ate too much and shopped (not too much, because there is no such thing).  I've also got some projects in the works, as usual...see, this is why I can't make myself vacation properly!  I'm always planning something or other.

Happy Monday!