Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Win a copy of Dark Awakening!

Hard to believe, but the release of Dark Awakening is only a couple of months away!  Wanna win a copy and read it,  My publisher, Forever Romance, is having a week of giveaways on Twitter to celebrate the royal wedding, and today they'll be asking trivia questions and selecting FIVE winners to receive a copy of Dark Awakening!  If you're into Twitter (I keep trying, and then forgetting about my account, and then trying, and then's a vicious cycle), check it out a @ForeverRomance all day today.  Good luck!

I just finished writing the sequel, actually, and am now crawling out of the Writer's Cave O'Pain to re-engage with normal life.  It's been a busy year, but things should be smoothing out now a bit, so I'll be here more often:-)  YAY for hitting another deadline!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Party at Aunty Cindy's!

I'm hanging at my buddy Aunty Cindy's today to talk about my RITA final.  Click here to swing by!  I'd love it if you came over to chat.  As for me, I'll be back to regular blogging when the book is turned in, quite soon.  Confession: I kind of suck at multi-tasking:-)  I did decide what sort of dance I should do if I actually WIN a RITA...I discovered the wonder that is Big Freedia yesterday.  Can I make my booty move like that?  Will I stand on my head at the awards ceremony?  Will they throw me out for standing on my head and shaking my booty?  Only time will tell...