Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Win a copy of Dark Awakening!

Hard to believe, but the release of Dark Awakening is only a couple of months away!  Wanna win a copy and read it,  My publisher, Forever Romance, is having a week of giveaways on Twitter to celebrate the royal wedding, and today they'll be asking trivia questions and selecting FIVE winners to receive a copy of Dark Awakening!  If you're into Twitter (I keep trying, and then forgetting about my account, and then trying, and then's a vicious cycle), check it out a @ForeverRomance all day today.  Good luck!

I just finished writing the sequel, actually, and am now crawling out of the Writer's Cave O'Pain to re-engage with normal life.  It's been a busy year, but things should be smoothing out now a bit, so I'll be here more often:-)  YAY for hitting another deadline!


  1. I so want a copy of your book!

    I will try my hardest to get one

    I missed the morning winnings I hope they will have more

  2. Well I missed this too! Can't wait! How are you doing with the post writing recovery?