Tuesday, December 27, 2011

At Paranormal Haven today!

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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday...my husband makes a huge Polish feast every year for Christmas Eve, and every year I wonder why I ate so much.  We'll be eating leftover galumpkies for a week.  Also, he totally surprised me and got me the ONE thing I really wanted...an iPad!  All he had to do was wrap up a small "decoy" box and instruct me not to shake it (which you know I did as soon as he was out of the room), and I was completely diverted.  Turns out he'd slipped the real box under the tree as well, and I never even bothered to dig for another gift.  He knows me well.  I'm extremely gullible.

Beyond that, my house is covered in LEGOs.  And my daughter has her face stuck to her new Kindle Fire and may never emerge from her bedroom again.  The house is trashed, but life is good. 

May you all have a relaxing week!

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