Sunday, May 22, 2011

Return of the Blogger

Hey everyone!  Okay, prompted by butt-kickings from various people in my life (all much appreciated, btw), I'm hopping back on the blogging train.  I made it through the experience of writing two books in six months with most of my sanity intact and probably more white hair, though I don't let my roots grow out enough to really know for sure:-)  I've got a lot of exciting stuff happening in my professional universe, and I've got a series launching on June 28th.  If I ever say I have nothing to blog about right now, smack me. 

We'll start with tomorrow and a suggestion from my buddy Lisa.  I am a complete music junkie, which you'll figure out quickly if you listen to my ramblings for any length of time.  I use music for writing inspiration ALL the time, and sometimes can even tame my writerly ADD enough to have it playing while I'm working.  Some books lend themselves to that more than others...seems to depend. Sooo, henceforth, we'll be having Music Mondays 'round these parts, wherein I'll share a song that I've used or am using in my writing.  My iPod is full o' goodness.  So this should be fun!  I'm always open to suggestions for new stuff, too.  As for Wednesdays and Fridays, which are the other days I'll be hanging out here, well...we'll see what I come up with:-)

As for tonight, I wanted to share something cool with you all.  I recently sold Dark Dynasties books 3 and 4 to Grand Central (YAY!), and the description of Book 3, SHADOW RISING, interested the good people at Romantic Times enough that they mentioned it HERE. Is that not cool?  I've only got about three chapters of that book done so far, but I absolutely love the characters already.  Gonna be a fun one.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. You have been one busy writer, but I'm glad you have been writing your books.
    Congrats on selling book 3 and 4, that is so awesome.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I HAVE been busy. Hard to complain much, but I'm glad I got to take the last week off and allow my brain a vacation:-)
    Can't even tell you how thrilled I am about the Dark Dynasties series keeping on, and with the first not even out yet! I'm excited (and nervous!) to see how readers like it.