Monday, March 7, 2011


So this weekend I went up to Wilmington, DE to see the musical version of Young Frankenstein with my MIL and daughter.  It was SO FUN!  I haven't seen a musical in a long time, but I really enjoy them.  And of course, I'm a big Mel Brooks fan.  My dad introduced me to the awesomeness of his films back when I was a kid.  I loved them instantly (in fact, Young Frankenstein was my first), but they're managed to improve as the years have gone by, too...because I didn't quite get all of the jokes when I was younger:-)  Same went for my daughter.  I was, um, pretty glad she had no idea why I was giggling so hard at Elizabeth's post-coital ode to the monster's, erm, endowments with the song "Deep Love".  There was also a plethora of boob jokes.  Pretty sure she DID get those.  Igor stole the show.  The guy who plays him in the touring company has also played him on Broadway and in London, and he's fabulous.  Here's a little trailer for the musical:

Now, the guy playing Frederick Frankenstein in these clips wasn't playing him in the show I saw.  Actually, the actor I saw do it was much better...this guy played a few other parts.  In any case, it was a great day, and it was a good way to introduce my daughter to the wonder of theater.  I've never forgotten my first show (Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater in Toronto), and I'm betting she'll never forget hers.

Hope you all had a good weekend!  I've been ridiculousy busy, and it's the out of the house kind involving lots of car time.  That's life with three kids for you:-)


  1. There you are! So glad to hear you had a fun weekend! I was away for the weekend too-went on a scrapbooking retreat of sorts, though I did take advantage of being away from home to read, sleep and eat all the things I'm not supposed to! All in all, very fun! Came home and was slammed back to the reality of my life! It was worth it!

  2. I love Live Theater. I've seen so many plays. Musicals are my favorite. I seen Phantom at the Ordway here in St. Paul. But I will never forget Whistle Down the Wind. I seen it 3 times. Met the cast. And now I'm friends with Cast members (Eric Kunze) And other fans. I Went to the Muny in St. Louis last summer. Again to see Eric Kunze. I hope your Daughter loved it. Theater is always a great escape from reality. Just like books. You have a adventure. I need adventure to keep my mind off this awful long winter. LOL

  3. Hey Lisa! Yeah, I'm still around...being vewwy, vewwy quiet. And trying to figure out how I can get all my daily writing stuff done and still geek out on my game, which releases today. If I can't fit it in, I'm going to cry. Good for you, getting away! Isn't it lovely? Always recharges the batteries. Glad you managed to do that! I could use a vacation from reality myself.

    Hi Donna! I know you love theater...I'm so jealous of all the things you've been able to see! You all HAVE had a long winter. It's getting to be spring here, slowly but surely. My hydrangeas are poking out little leaves, as is my butterfly bush. I've got to get out there and clear some of the dead stuff. My apple trees have some fuzzy buds on them, and the kildeers are noisily hooking up all over the place (and yet I kind of love those goofy little birds). Hope it warms up for you before too long!