Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the LOTR Junkies

I am one.  A Lord of the Rings fangirl, that is.  And I am beyond excited that The Hobbit is finally getting made with Peter Jackson at the helm!  Anyway, I ran across this the other day and thought it was VERY cool.  Pogo, the musician responsible, does some really interesting mixes.  He says this one isn't polished yet, but I say it's lovely anyway.  Happy Hump Day, ladies:-)


  1. Hey Kendra-wow The Hobbit huh? I was in that play when I was a kid. I was one of the hobbits named Bofur or something to that effect. I only had about three lines but I can still remember one of them......"and minced pie with cheese!"

    The things your brain keeps. Amazing. I hated the beard that they stuck on with that spirit glue. It burned. Thank God I didn't have permanent damage to my face. :)

    How's the writing going?

  2. That is awesome!! I can't wait till the The Hobbit comes out, I'm so looking forward to it. I love LOTR.

  3. Lisa, your comment made me laugh so hard...I'm sorry about the spirit glue, though!! The writing is going. Some days better than others, like always, but I really love this couple together. And not that I don't always make my heroines strong in their own ways, but doing a REALLY strong-willed heroine like Lyra is a lot of fun.

    Kristina, you and me both! They start filing very soon...this month, maybe, I'd have to go back and check. Glad you liked this! I would love to visit Middle Earth.

  4. "Filming," rather. Durrr, can't type today, apparently:-)