Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretty Things

I was rummaging in my pictures this morning, trying to come up with something decent to post, and discovered one of my potential candidates for Damien who I didn't show you.  He's one of those up-and-comers in Hollywood, and I believe he's in that new Beauty and the Beast take-off, Beastly.  Alex Pettyfer.  He's quite lovely, check it out.

Pretty, huh?  I can't say I'm excited about the movie from the trailer (and that is my favorite fairy tale, so major bummer for me), but Alex is kinda nice.  I think the movie has Vanessa Hudgens in it.  This may be part of the reason for my lack of excitement.  Maybe it's just me, but the current crop of popular stars and starlets just don't interest me much.  And there's a disturbing trend towards anorexically skinny bleached blondes...I mix them all up.  Oh well...Tangled hits Blu-Ray at the end of the month, and I'm looking forward to that.  Plus the teaser trailer for The Hangover 2 just came out.  Yeah...that's one I want to see too:-)


  1. I had hopes for Red Riding Hood. It could be a great movie. But you don't think so? I'm looking forward to "Lincoln Lawyers" with Matthew McConaughy. I wanted something of his with Balls like "A Time to Kill" I don't want just a naughty pretty boy flick from him. could Matthew be A Damien?

  2. I don't know much about this actor, but not only is he in Beastly, he's got the lead in that I Am Number Four movie that is out. Which reminds me, I need to finish that article you sent me about the author. I'm intrigued enough by Beastly to want to see it. I'm not a big Vanessa fan either, but the premise of the movie and it's message (beauty only being skin deep) is one that I Love! I haven't seen the Hangover trailer-will look for it, but I did see another movie trailer which Bradley Cooper is in that was looking pretty good. He's so very pretty! Can't remember the title though.

    As for Matthew, Donna, he did a movie a really long time ago called Frailty (I think) and it was a murder mystery type. Very hard core, emotional child abuse, etc. I saw it a long time ago but I remember thinking it was so good. It was nothing like we'd seen him in before.

  3. I read the Beastly book and just from watching the trailer they have changed a few things. But I'm still going to see it with my friend (who can get us in for free since she works at a theater). He is very good looking, but I heard he is a jackass. Sad.

  4. Ah, yep, you're right, Donna, I'm interested in Red Riding Hood too! I have to admit, not a huge fan of Amanda Seyfried either (she's one of those scrawny interchangable blondes I was talking about), but it could be hot. Here's hoping. I do love a story about a big bad wolf (and I know you do too!). I miss Matthew McConaughy. He doesn't do much anymore.

    Lisa, Bradley is pretty. Verrry pretty. The trailer for Hangover 2 looks funny. They're in Bangkok. There's a monkey. I'm guessing it'll be awesome. And you're right about this Alex being in I Am Number Four...I knew I'd heard his name recently. It was because he had hooked up with his co-star, and then they broke up (shocker). Beastly is something I'd probably wait for on DVD. My daughter and I could watch it together:-) I know I shouldn't have this Hudgens aversion, I just do. Maybe she'll surprise me.

    Kristina, I didn't know there was a book! Was it any good? Lucky you, free movies...I would be all over that. I love to see things in the theater. Sadly, the only theater here is crap, and you run the risk of being mugged. LOL on this guy being a jackass. Sad, and unsurprising. It's actually more of a shock when we hear they're nice, you know? I've actually heard Gerry Butler is very nice in person.

  5. I love the story of Beauty and the Beast very much. Beastly is from the Beast POV, it starts with him being the popular, snob, jerk of a person, so at first I had a hard time with it because I hate and can't stand superficial characters. Once he was cursed and became the beast he learned how to view the world from the less privileged side. I learned to love the male character and the female character once she was introduced. It is a good read and well worth the time. The author is Alex Flinn. I would suggest you both read the book (you and your daughter) and then see the movie.
    That is a major bummer with the theater, we have 5 decent-awesome choices to choose from, I love it.

    I am Number Four is a good movie as well. I have seen it 2x's it is like superman, but with 9 teenage super heroes being hunted and murdered so the bad guys can take over Earth. I will probably read the book when I find it used.