Monday, May 30, 2011

Lucky Thirteen

Warning, mushy post ahead!
The Guy I Fell in Love With, Circa 1997, with Fizgig

For me, this is a sweet day...Brian and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary.  And for the first time in all those thirteen years, he actually lined up a babysitter himself and planned to take me out to dinner without my knowing about it!  My grin was a mile wide...even after all this time, it's nice to know he can still surprise me.  Not that he needs to most of the time.  The man puts up with my weird hours, handles living with me when I'm a watery mess, and pushes me to follow my own dreams while I move around the country to enable him to follow his.  We've shared a lot of joy, much of it from the three beautiful kids we've made together, and weathered our share of sorrow and difficulty too.

I was little more than a kid when I met him...eighteen and just starting to figure myself out, much less other people.  Mr. Confident scared the hell out of me in some ways...I knew it was going to be serious from the get-go, and I was a master of the unserious.  But hell if I could figure out how to let him go.  He's tricky like that:-)  I married him a week after he graduated from the Naval Academy, a month shy of my 21st birthday.  We were young and stupid, but because of it I think we rolled with the punches more easily than we might have had we met even a few years later.  In a lot of ways, we've grown up together.  And because of good fortune or just simple compatibility, neither of us fell out of love with the people we've grown into. 

Neither of us is perfect: he's got a temper, I've got a mouth, he's into structure and I seem to roll with a certain amount of chaos whether I mean to or not.  He is not a romantic, and I...well, take a look at what I write.  But my husband is honest, true, unfailingly loyal, and deeply good-hearted.  He's the sort of man who rescues small creatures from the road, meticulously paints teddy bears or clouds on nursery walls, and sends the kids into shrieking gales of laughter by being a big kid himself.  Oh, and he still looks damn fine in a uniform.  In short, I got a good one, and I'm glad he's mine.  Happy Anniversary, babe.  Thanks for loving me.


  1. Awe...Happy Anniversary.

    My husband and I are coming up to our 2 year anniversary in July. He is my opposite, but we work so well together. He brings me out of my shell and I mellow him out a little. I love his unfailing support and love he always gives me. I know I can talk to him about anything, he is my best friend and my lover. I can't wait till I can have his babies, hopefully soon :)

    Happy Anniversary again, 13 is a good number

  2. Kendra, that was beautiful. I'm so glad I visited today, on the off chance that you'd posted on a holiday, this was a wonderful surprise and you're sweet to share it with us! Have a great evening out with your man!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Thanks, ladies! We're going for our favorite tonight...sushi! Kristina, sounds like Brian and I, opposite in many ways but the same in the places that really count. I hope you get to have babies soon too! They change your life in the most amazing ways.

    Lisa, he's a big part of my life, and very active in keeping my life sane behind the scenes, so it's only right I share him a bit with you all:-) Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary Kendra! That's so sweet...

  5. Aww! Happy anniversary, you two. I hope the sushi was awesome. :)