Monday, June 11, 2012

Mantastic Monday!

Happy Monday! Sort of!  I've been absent thanks to whatever new and horrible biological weapon the kindergarden at my youngest kid's school brewed up and sent home, but all is well now.  Well enough, at least, for a day of one of my favorite romantic muses, the delicious RICHARD ARMITAGE (seriously, if anyone deserves all caps, it's him).  Let us bask in the hawtness of this week's Mr. Mantastic:

*sigh*  So pretty!  Love the effect with his eyes.  Let's have another!

A little Sir Guy?  Um, yes.  He looks like the quintessential Bad Knight.  Yum.  More!

The man has perfected the "come hither" look.  Oh, and have I mentioned his voice?  Because it's delicious.  Here he is just talking about being Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming movie The Hobbit (which I, a certified Tolkien junkie, am DYING to see).  He's also rocking facial hair.  I don't even like facial hair and he's rocking it.

And finally, to end this festival of Richard's mantastic-ness, I give you a picture of the look that melts me every. damn. time.


Enjoy the rest of your Monday, everybody:)


  1. Oh my! I have never seen anything has been it, but I am LOVING him!! I can't wait for The Hobbit, it is going to be so awesome!!

  2. So I'm a week late for Mantastic Richard Monday!! I'm glad I could sneak back and put that tingle up my spine too on a week later!!