Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Into the Writing Cave

I'll be spending my day with my laptop.  We have a love/hate relationship.  On which side will that fall today?  Remains to be seen.  Since I have little to offer today apart from whining ("I need more coffee! I don't wanna do anything productive!") and the occasional heavy sigh as I type away, I give you a bit of eye candy and some music suited to the rainy day we're having here in Maryland. 

Yummy, yes?  This is how I picture Justin, from Vivi and the Vampire in the June VACATION WITH A VAMPIRE anthology.  And now for the rainy day music.  This is one of my favorite bands, currently.  So excited for their new album to drop next week.  The piano in the song is lovely.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I have found a new great band today thanks to you.:)

  2. I thought so, Kristina! Marie, glad you like them! They're definitely one of my favorite bands right now:)