Monday, February 28, 2011

On the Mend/Puppy Fever

How is it Monday again already? I spent the better part of last week nursing yet another child through bronchitis, hence my finally giving up on posting at the end of the week. Hearing about dosages of prednisone and albuterol and antibiotic is just really not all that interesting.

HOWEVER, I'm back (insert golf clap here)! The vampire/werewolf forbidden romance continues apace. Got a little behind in the plague breakout, but working on catching up. I'm still doing P90X, shockingly...I did a month of the Lean version of the program, but at the end of it I knew I could step it up, so have switched to Classic and restarted on Week 1. It has added an extra month onto this workout journey of 90 days, but it's cool. I was in such incredibly lousy shape I had to start with something a little easier. There is this...thing...called Plyometrics. It's an hour of "jump training", very aerobic, lots of hopping and jump squats and you name it. The demonstrators are dying by the end of it, so you know what a beast this thing is. Anyway, it's not in the Lean program, but is in the Classic, and it's one of the big reasons I'm glad I waited. I would NOT have made it through that just starting out. Now I can, just soaked in sweat. I am, at present, in probably the best shape of my life. Ever. And I have a ways to go yet! Last night was Yoga. I'm getting quite bendy:-)

On to the Puppy Fever portion of the program. We found out this weekend which puppy will be ours! We had been down to two, and the breeder feels this one is much more what we're looking for, very friendly and interactive. She's certainly bright-eyed! I'm probably in for it.
We aren't sure what to name her.  Again.  It was going to be Stella, but I'm not really sure she looks like a Stella.  Because of her distinctive off-side blaze, we're actually thinking of just naming her...Blaze.  A friend told me that sounds like the name of a sassy saloon girl:-)  We'll figure it out.  I'm just really glad we know who's coming home!  She's a cutie...I liked the look of her from very early on.  We go get her a week from Friday.  I think I need to catch up on my sleep before then!

Have a great Monday!


  1. What type of dog is she? I always loved helping my mom name her dogs, she is a breeder so there was always lots to name. She usually had a name theme going down the alphabet for each litter, like B would be Beaches so we named a dog Ridando, so the name on his AKC title was Sunrise's Ridando Beach. Baby name websites are always fun to look at. Have fun naming her

  2. Hey, I'm very late to visit today! The puppy is adorable. I'm sorry, but the first think I thought was "skunk" with that white stripe there! I'm not sure she looks like a Stella, Blaze might work better. I'm sure a very fitting name will come to you when you're able to spend time with her and see her personality!

    Sorry to hear another one of your munchkins was sick. So not fun! Hope all is well.

  3. She's a Newfoundland, Kristina, like Chewie. Her coloring is called Landseer. What does your mom breed? That's cool!

    Lisa, no worries, I'm late to EVERYTHING right now...February was not my month, LOL. We could name her Flower, like the skunk in Bambi:-) Her body is mostly white, though. I have lots of brilliant naming ideas, but they're going unappreciated in this house!