Monday, June 20, 2011

Cayuga Lake blogging

Hi Everybody!  Well, here I am, trying to relax on the lake.  So far, so good!  Cottage is smallish, but perfectly nice, and the deck is huge and hangs out over the lake.  Check out what I get to look at each morning with my coffee:
I could sit out there all day.  Well, actually, I mostly do.  There's a bit of rocky beach (Cayuga is quite rocky...just about no sand to be had) on either side, and a fire pit we roasted marshmallows over with friends last night.  The kids have been busy with squirt guns and an inflatable raft we tethered to the dock, andthe dogs...well, our old puppy is content to sit on the deck and watch the world, but the Newfs have taken to the lake like their long lost friend.  Stella is a born swimmer, loves to retrieve her Katie's Bumpers when you toss them into the water for her, and she tried to "rescue" my daughter the other day by pulling her in by the derriere:-)  Chewie just likes to wade around and slurp up the water!  Here's a vid of them on the first day:
Today, some wonderful family friends I grew up right by are coming down to go wine tasting with Brian and I while the kids go have some fun with my in-laws, and tomorrow is my birthday.  I never thought I would spend another birthday in NY once my family left the area, but this is a beautiful place...I'm really happy to have come back.  Here's to a week of relaxation!  I'm so doing this again next year:-)


  1. So glad the weather is holding up. How wonderful to have vacation with built in babysitters!!! Wine tasting-I'm so jealous! The vid is adorable. I haven't seen much of Stella since I don't go on FB much anymore; she's still so much smaller than Chewie.

    Don't you just love your phone? It makes all the photo/video to computer stuff so easy!!!

    I want one!

  2. I can't wait till I get a vacation, that won't be till a month away. We still have no idea what we are going to do, but we will be doing something.

  3. I love the vids. The Puppy is getting bigger, but Chewie is still sooooooooooh much bigger. It looks like a wonderful vacation spot. See It's not true. You never can go home again. Enjoy it.

  4. Hi Lisa! Yes, it was the first time I've ever been wine tasting, and we had a BALL. Found some good wine, too! The weather is supposed to be good every day but Wednesday. I seem to have accidentally gotten kind of a farmer tan. Oops. The phone RULES! I love it so much. It's kind of sad:-)

    Hi Kristina! I'm sure you'll figure out something fun for vacation. And that's soon, yay!

    Hi Donna! Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty sure Chewie will ALWAYS be bigger than Miss Stella. He's pretty much huge. They're both so fun to watch, they're having a ball here. I'm definitely enjoying being here...I guess I missed it:-)

  5. I want to jump in the water...LOL. I'm glad you're having fun Kendra. Have a vacation for all of us! Your dogs are really cute...