Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What A Week!

Sadly, not in the greatest of ways, but at least I got my internet working this morning.  I feared/fumed that it was our nefarious local cable company once again...the internet goes out here a LOT...but it was just my stupid computer.  I'm starting to worry about the computer.  I think in the next year it needs to go bye-bye.  I can usually sense the disturbance in the Force when they're starting to lose their will to live:-)

Anyway, this will be a short-ish post today.  I've had bronchitis for a week, from which I'm sloooowly recovering (with the aid of lots of medication), and my sinuses finally sent me into a full-blown migraine last night, which I'd been concerned was trying to happen.  One of my eyes went numb.  At first, I wanted to chalk this up to the fact that I had to go to both my youngest kid's kindergarten "moving up night", followed almost immediately by my oldest child's "growing up night" (she is in 5th grade, it was a bunch of moms, and it was sponsored by Kotex...yeah, good times).  Sadly, no.  Mah head, it simply decided it was time to a'splode.

The only bright spot of the evening, in between the eye numbness of impending doom and the actual head explosion, was that my husband has finally gotten bored enough with the things he normally plays with at work to have decided to get the both of us actual, real live 21st century phones.  With internet, even.  Woo!  I realize how sad this is...I'm like the only person I know who didn't have a phone that could run the world.  I had never played Angry Birds (fixed!).  I had never had an app for, erm, anything (also fixed!).  So when I can look at the screen for longer than a few minutes at a time, I will be all about setting up my shiny new iPhone.  Oh an iTunes junkie, I kind of have to have the pretty Apple phone.  Brian got a Droid.  I think mostly because when you do various things, it says, in the cool robotic voice, "Droid!".  No, really, that may be his favorite part.  I fear for his work, though...he really, really likes Angry Birds.

So!  I will be able to tweet and facebook and whatnot from National this year while I am wandering around semi-lost in the enormous hotel!  Cool, huh?

Anyway, today let's talk technology, because I have no freaking clue what I'm doing with this phone.  Are there, uh, app-type thingies you would recommend?  Any good games?  Because really, this IS a toy;)  I am off to try and work now, but will check in later!


  1. Welcome to the age of the SmartPhone! Lucky girl! I don't have one. I can text on my cell, but I can't get on the internet or play games or anything fancy. My husband has the Droid and he loves it. He is so not tech savvy, though, and he's forever asking the kids how to do stuff. Couple of gal pals have the iPhone and love it. I do know Angry Birds-had hubby d/l it after I heard about it. Very fun.

  2. I just got a android phone last year and I'm enjoying being able to check my email, FB, Twitter and web when I have nothing else to do.

    I use IMDb app

    Shazam identifies songs

    Google Sky is pretty cool, if you point your phone up is shows you what constellations you should be seeing.

    Retro Camera is one of my favorites. You can pick different types of old camera lenses to take pictures with you can even do color and B&W

    My Book Droid you can list all your books on here. I use this when I'm in a book store and I want to remember the book, I just can the barcode and it brings up all the information. IF you do this you will also need to get a barcode scanner.

    Those are the apps I use the most

    The only games I have on mine are Squares, Connect4 and solitaire

    Have fun playing around with your new phone. It get very addictive.

  3. By the way all those apps I listed are Free. I only get free apps

  4. Sorry about the Migraine. I'm still behind the times. I don't have a IPhone. But I upgraded And I believe I'll be able to get on FB from the new phone. Have fun. I hope you feel better.

  5. Congrats on the new phone. You are going to love it! So many apps to choose from, some of my top favorites are all the e-reader apps ( Kindle, Nook, Borders ) but the kids and I love the Google Sky Map, you turn it on and put it up to the sky and it tells you what stars you are looking at. Another favorite is the WeatherBug, nice being able to pull that up and see the local radar to know when the bad weather is about to show up. All the apps are free too! You would be amazed and how many apps are out there for free.

    Enjoy the phone and hope you get to feeling more like yourself soon :)

  6. Smartphones are so much fun! I have a droid and I have the youtube app, email apps, and I forgot what games lol. I'm sorry you've been sick.

  7. Ooh, lots of good ideas! Thanks, ladies...I'm so new to this. Which is...kind of pathetic, but oh well, I'll get the hang of it. I love all the free apps out there. Free is good:-) And I'm finally feeling quite a bit better today, which I chalk up to the fact that I babied myself by curling up with some herbal tea and my Nook (I am not completely technologically impaired, LOL) last night and devoured Nalini Singh's ANGEL'S BLOOD in one sitting. It was freaking great, and I'm glad there are more books in the Guild Hunters series for me to tear through before I have to go find something else. Thank goodness for the free samples of the books you can download...I grabbed like six things to check out, and it was sooo easy to decide I needed that book. What a voice she's got. Loved it.

  8. Good girl! Now that you've got a dose of Nalini, you MUST read Slave to Sensation, book 1 of her psy/changling series. So so good!