Friday, June 24, 2011

Midnight Reckoning...and Release Day Approacheth!

Do you know what's sad?  I totally forgot Wednesday was Wednesday, hence the absence of a middle of the week post.  Sorry about that!  I'm cramming in as much relaxation as I can, because tomorrow we head home, and Tuesday I'm off to NYC for RWA '11!  I'm sooooo excited (and nervous, because it's intimidatingly huge).  It's been a lovely week here, and we've decided we're definitely returning next summer.  Wine tasting is one of the most fun things I've done, and I'm bringing home a few bottles to share.  I got my toes done.  I got a facial (wow...need to do that again).  I parked my butt on the deck and watched the kids swim and kayak.  And I read Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh, which means I will now be salivating over the coming (September) installment of her Guild Hunters series until, well, September.  NEED IT!

Speaking of coming attractions, Dark Awakening is finally almost out!  WOOHOO!  It hits shelves on Tuesday, and I'll be signing it Tuesday evening at the big Literacy for Life signing at the Marriott Marquis in NYC.  5:00-7:30, hope to see some of you there!  I will have my funky Cait Sith tattoos with me to distribute.  And bookmarks.  I even got my suit dry cleaned for this...should be good:)

Finally, the cover for the second installment in the Dark Dynasties series, due out in January, has arrived!  I love it.  Seriously, these covers have made me incredibly happy.  What do you think?

I love it.  Jaden and his wolf.  Hope you all had a great week!


  1. I will be getting a finished copy of the book when it comes out.

    I love the new cover, hot, sexy men, what could be better?!

    Have fun at the RWA, I wish I could be there

  2. I'm glad you had such a good vacation. I need to try wine tasting lol. I love that cover! It's so hot...

  3. Wow, Jaden's cover is amazing. I'm so glad that you had a nice vacation. Downtime is so important-and wine tasting??? Cheers!!! You will be quite rejuvenated for your upcoming convention.