Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day Humor

Obviously I'm a bit late today...the kids' last day of school is tomorrow, and for whatever reason, the mornings this week have been more painful than usual.  And by "painful," I mean, "the kids are trying to kill me and they're not even being sneaky about it".  Ah, summer.  Here it comes, ready or not.  In lieu of something intelligent (since I already have nothing left in that department today), I give you a bouquet of cat humor.  Is it Friday yet?

The Wilford Brimley cat:


Vampire kittehs:

Liu Kang...FIGHT!:

And finally:

Have a great one!


  1. Love the vampire kitties :)

    They are just like my husband, he hates the sun. I ask him all the time would you rather burst into flames when you step in the sun or sparkle? He always says "BURST INTO FLAMES!!!" He doesn't want to be a sparkly vampire

  2. Cats can be so cute...LOL. I love the final battle one and the vampire kitties. Good luck with the kids Kendra!

  3. LOL!!! These are just hysterical!!! Thanks for making my morning.

  4. LOL, Kristina, I don't want to be a sparkly vampire either! I liked the vampire kitties:-)

    Ana, the final battle one cracked me up. My Chewie looks like the final battle for just about any other creature!

    WildAboutBones, hi! Glad to see you here! You're very welcome...I'm a sucker for funny cat pictures.