Monday, June 27, 2011

Off to New York!

This would normally be a music Monday, and really, I think this says it all!

Tomorrow morning I take the train into NYC, where I will (hopefully) not get lost on my way to the Mariott Marquis in Times Square.  I'm so excited!  I haven't been to New York City since I was about fifteen.  That was amazing, and I have a feeling this time will be equally so.  DARK AWAKENING hits shelves tomorrow, and I'm so thrilled I get to sign it at the Literacy for Life signing (in the ballroom from 5:30 to 7:30)!  The temporary tattoos arrived while I was away, but...*sigh* Well, it wouldn't be a big deal of a week if it didn't start with a snafu.  They're very cool.  And they're a different mark than I wanted.  Don't ask how I managed to end up with the one test image I uploaded when I was having issues.  SO, I've got some very cool bat symbols that will allow the interested to be a Dracul for a day.  Vlad Dracul and his bloodline feature pretty prominently in the book, and I actually have a big soft spot for sexy Vlad, so it doesn't bother me too much.  Here's the tat:
I'll work on getting the Cait Sith ones when I get back.  But in the meantime, you too can be a seductive bat-shifter:)

Anyway, I'll blog from the hotel, hopefully with some cool pictures and video.  I know I've mentioned I love my does everything!  So I'll see you Wednesday, when I'll be hanging out with my buddies Cheryl Brooks and Marie Force.  That's one of the things about being a writer...your friends end up scattered around the country, so RWA is a great way to meet once a year!

Happy Monday, all!


  1. I like that artist lol. Have fun in NYC Kendra! I can't wait to see pictures and videos :)

  2. I wish I could go to NYC just to see you!

    I just pre-ordered the book from Borders, so knowing how they ship it should be getting it next week. I can't wait to put it into to my ARC

  3. Hey Kendra! Glad you got home safe! I don't know how you do it! Home just a couple of days and now off to NY. At least you can relax on the train ride. Don't forget your nook! A train ride is perfect for reading! Sorry about the snafu with your tattoos. I assure you, though, your fans will be thrilled to get one! :) Do keep us posted on things! Have fun at the RITAs!

  4. The RWA was awesome! (It kinda was like book-heaven).
    Thank you for being there!
    (Wow, I'm "so" talkative once I'm tired ;) )