Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fun

Not much to offer today, except for YAY FRIDAY!  I'm still writing away on Shadow Rising, my house is still covered in Chewie's fur...actually, he went to get groomed today because he desperately needs it.  Here is His Highness begging for a potato chip:

I was directed to this clip yesterday, and since it made me laugh (I was a big He-Man fan back in the day, and...well, I was always pretty sure this is the kind of thing he would participate in behind the scenes), I figured I'd share it.  It's pretty fabulous:)  Have a great day!


  1. Aw Chewie looks so adorable....And that video clip is so, so wrong lol.

  2. My little girl is shedding so bad, but you don't shave corgis :( It would look very wrong if you did, but I have been very tempted to do so many times.

  3. LOL, Ana, the wrongness is what makes me love it:)

    Kristina, I love Corgis! Yeah, Chewie got clipped pretty short. The poor dog has been so hot, he needed it.