Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday 8/8

I found it!!

Okay, to clarify, I found Damien and Ariane's song.  I'd been waiting for one to show up.  That's kind of how it day I'll hear something, and it just clicks as being "their song".  Every one of my couples has a song, and though this one has arrived a little later than some, it's perfect!  So now I have to buy it and listen to it a billion times:)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Lots of running around here, on top of plenty of writing.  I've got a month before Shadow Rising heads offf to my editor, so I'm pretty well swamped.  That last month before deadline is always a killer!  Here, I'll show you the duo who are currently running my life.  Here's Ariane, beautiful, sheltered, but handy with a sword:

And here's Damien, jaded, elegant, a cold-eyed killer with a sharp tongue and more going on beneath the surface than he ever lets on:

They're driving me crazy. *sigh*  Not that it's much of a trip for me most days:)  Have a great one!! 


  1. Hey Kendra! I like the song. Never heard it before. Is it old? There hasn't been a spiderman movie out for a while?? And Bono, haven't heard from him in a while either. You changed your image of Damien too, huh? I can't remember his name...he's from the X-men movies, right? I also think he's in Captain America which will be out soon and looks good!

    Have a great week!

  2. I love, love the music you post! I always get new music from you Kendra lol. Nice choices. I always love visualing characters this way too.

  3. Love the music, I can't wait to meet them. I love the pictures too, so sexy.

  4. Hey Lisa! Yeah, the other pic I'd decided on is lost somewhere in the depths of my computer, I think...but this pic of Chris Evans struck me as close to what I wanted:) The man has a very high "yum" factor! The song is fairly new. It's from the new Spider Man show on Broadway that U2 did the music for.

    Ana, yay, I'm glad you like it! I thought it was so pretty...and very appropriate for this story:)

    Hey Kristina! I'm really looking forward to finishing their story:) I love them, but like all my characters, they are often exasperating.