Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday 8/1

Happy Monday, everybody!  I can't believe it's August already.  I'm not exactly sure where the summer went, but it's certainly going.  It's been so hot here that I've got to admit fall doesn't sound too bad.  Cabin fever in the summer sucks.  Couple of things to share...

First off, my book is the featured pick for the Forever Romance Summer Book Club this week!  You can join me on the Forever Romance facebook page on Thursday from 12-2 EDT to chat about the book.  Should be lots of fun!

Second, today's song.  I heard this on the radio the other day and thought it was adorable.  Hey, I don't ALWAYS need dark and moody;)  For this Music Monday, I give you Rachel Platten.  It's the chorus that hooked me.

And so we're off and on our way through another week.  I've traveled so much this summer that I'm ready to park my butt and just stay put for a while!  All of my guest blog stuff is written and turned in, and for the most part, done...though I have a couple of very fun things going on this month.  Jaden from Dark Awakening is a contestant in Book Faery's Battle of the Sexies II: Sidekick Edition on th 10th, and I've written Ty into Snow White for Tynga's Reviews Fantastic Fables event, which I don't have a date on yet.  I'm writing away on Damien's story, which is an interesting experience because he never shuts up.  Seriously, his mouth runs so much on every page that I have to make sure he isn't just dominating everything completely.  Strong characters can be interesting to rein in.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Ah yes, it's always very nice to come home. I still feel a little off after being away for three weeks, but I've caught up with the important things and now it's just getting the kids going for school, registration, back to school shopping, oh and what was I thinking when I made reservations to go camping the weekend before the kids start school. Yup, that's me-crazy.

    Song is cute. That girl looks familiar. I'm thinking she might be and actress.

    I'm so excited for all the fun things you have in store with your blog tour. I've missed so much-I'm glad there are still a couple of fun things to come.

    Have a great week!

  2. I haven't traveled at all this summer which is new for me. But I did move so I haven't had the money lol. I'm so excited for you Kendra! And I love listening to all the music you post, thank you lol

  3. Hi Lisa! Yay, glad you're back! Also glad you had fun on your vacation:) My summer has been CRAZY...and now I have a book to finish this month. *sigh* Still, as long as I get plenty of sitting-on-my-butt time from here until September 6, all will be well.

    Hey Ana! Um, moving is definitely enough of an adventure for anyone! I've done it way too many times, and ugh. Glad you liked the song!