Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Diary of a Sad Hobbit

It's ridiculously humid here. The air is just...sticky.  Even in the AC.  Hmm, suppose I should put the water to good use...
There we go, a slightly damp Richard Armitage!  Now I feel better.

I hid from the internets yesterday and spent an inordinate amount of time playing with my dogs.  It was a day.  My sister, who is a Navy wife just like myself, told me she's moving halfway around the world to the Middle East for a couple of years.  So...that pretty much sucks considering she's already on the other side of the country.  I'd been hoping for a move closer.  So I moped.  I hugged the dogs.  I watched Episode 3 of Game of Thrones and hated on the vile Lannisters some more.  I'm a very Hobbit-y person by nature...I like a cozy home and to keep my family as close as possible, without a lot of grand adventuring.  I also like eating multiple times a day, but I kind of refrain from that since it's bad for my hips:) 

Got word that my edits of Dark Dynasties #4, IMMORTAL CRAVING, are incoming...and they don't sound like they'll leave me a frazzled mess in front of the keyboard, so this is good news! That book has got Bay Harper, Lily's  best friend, as the heroine, and she has a wonderful big black Newf named Grimm.  I'd never written a dog as a major character before, but I live with two Newfs, so their behavior is something I'm awfully familiar with!  Well, and the amazing amounts of fur and drool they generate.  Best dogs ever, though.  Worth the wet socks I sometimes get from stepping where they've been drinking and/or observing food type things.

Anything interesting to report on this Wednesday?


  1. Thanks for a damp Richard Armitage:) Think the plumber I'm waiting for will look anything like him. BAWHAHA...not a chance in hell.

    I've got a leak in the toilet tank connection to the pipe that leads to the wall. I've been handling it with a large plastic cup for a couple of days now but it's working my last nerve. Oh yeah, I can't seem to get the shut off value to move either. PIMA! The other thing (and I always seem to have multiples when I call a plumber in - cha ching) is that my tub has been draining s-l-o-w-l-y forever now and that's also been working my last nerve so the leak prompted correction of both problems. I'm fairly handy around the homestead except for plumbing issues and those I stay far, far away from.

    Maybe it's something in the air because I stayed away from the computer yesterday as well. Mostly I sat on my ass and read:)

    I can't believe you have your AC on already because geographically I'm not that far away from you BUT it could be because my condo is ground floor and it tends to stay cooler for longer than say an upper floor.

    I'll let you know if I see butt crack or a really amazing man with a pipe wrench;) (Actually I don't care if he looks like a troll as long as he's competent:D My normal plumber from MyPlumber had the damn nerve to hurt his knee and get laid up for a couple of months so today is an "unknown" even though he is supposed to be friends with him. I'd have the other plumbers babies as long as he was doing the work. *snort*)

    Think I'll bop over to Cheryl's and see if she has a delicious WWW for us today.

  2. Hey Nancy! Okay, your Wednesday sounds like it was a PITA. I cleaned bathrooms, which was no fun whatsoever, but it was for a good mom arrived about 1:30, and we proceeded to solve all the problems of the world while drinking a bottle of wine on my screened-in porch. So all's well that ends well! We do have the AC on, but we have dogs that go in and out all the time. Also, the sun hits the back of the house all day, and though screening in the deck has helped with the way the house heats up, it hasn't completely erased the issue. So, higher electric bills it is! WOOHOO! Hope your plumber knew what he was doing and that your stuff is fixed!