Wednesday, May 16, 2012


That's me. We will not discuss how much coffee/tea/foofy drink from Starbucks I have imbibed today.  Pretty sure I would bleed caffeine if I opened a vein.  Scary or awesome?  You decide!

I have accomplished nothing productive on this Wednesday, save for a trip to Bath and Body Works. I ran out of my perfume (Vanilla Noir, which  naturally they seem to have discontinued) and so decided to go and smell everything in the store. I gave myself a headache, but I did decide on Coconut Lime, which is very light and pretty and great for summer.  And, you know, has a song about it.  Don't make me sing it.  I'm already struggling with Want You Back by Cher Lloyd as my latest earworm.  I don't even really like it.  I just can't. make. it. stop. I like The Coconut Song, but it's got that same "can't get it out of my head" quality to it.

Anyway, perfume.  Yeah.  Any other B&BW addicts out there?  I might not have gone today, but Cynthia Eden tweeted the webpage of all the fragrances the other day, and the consumer in me couldn't resist.  Go HERE to torment yourself.  She tweeted it in the context of looking for how your heroine smells, and it'll be great for that, now that I've gotten my fix:)

Do you pay attention to little descriptors like that in books?  I always like to know how my heroes and heroines smell. For one thing, the men I wrote about generally have heightened senses, so they WOULD be all about the scent of the heroine.  But it also helps me to build a picture of them in my mind.  The scents we wear say something about us, I think.  Ariane, the heroine of SHADOW RISING, smells faintly of roses.  It's a smell that Damien, her hero, associates with his original home on an English estate, and it's also a smell I associate with purity and innocence.  She's both...but she also carries an enormous sword and knows how to use it! 

I realized recently that a lot of the old historicals I loved when I was younger explicitly stated that the hero smelled of horses. And leather.  Leather, okay, but...horses?  Might sound sexy in a book, I, uh, guess (it didn't bother me at the time), but my daughter rides now and I can think of many sexier scents than that of a sweaty horse.  Then again, it's probably accurate for ye olden days:)

Have a great Wednesday!

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