Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!  I'm back from the wilds of...well, my porch, where I was located for much of Memorial Day Weekend.  With wine. And food.  I basically can never eat again, but my parents were in town and we had a lot of fun.

So what's been happening, apart from me overindulging?  Well, I have to finish writing the dragon short for Cravings this week, and my IMMORTAL CRAVING edits are, I have been informed, incoming.  After that, I've got the summer to work on something new I've been playing with, and which I intend to make available to my readers one way or another.  Stay tuned on that.  I'm also hopeful that the Dark Dynasties series will continue, and am putting together some ideas for Book 5.  I think it's Vlad's turn for a story, don't you?:)  The market for paranormal seems to be getting soft, likely from being really, really saturated.  It's not easy out there, and I thank every one of my readers for giving my books a chance.

So what is this secret project I have going this summer?  Well, it's different.  The hero is human.  The heroine is...this.

I have no idea if this is something readers will be interested in, but I'm really enjoying writing it, so a pointy-eared heroine it is!  I'm hoping I can finish by fall, and then we'll see what we've got.  I haven't written anything just for the hell of it in a long time.  It's surprisingly liberating:)  Good for recharging the creative batteries, too.  If it doesn't stink, you'll see the result, I promise.

In other news, my mom is reading SHADOW RISING (what, you didn't think she'd get here and not grab an ARC, did you?), and she loves it even more than MIDNIGHT RECKONING, which she liked a lot.  Granted, this is my mom, but she's pretty honest, and she's an avid romance reader.  She's the reason I got into romance...she was very cool about me starting to get into her book stash round about sixth grade.  She converted to a Nook a couple years ago, but she does still love paper.  Anyway, it was fun to hear what she thought of Damien and Ariane.  It has the Mom Seal of Approval!  *fist pump*

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness I can't wait for this secret project! Yes I want a pointed eared heroine! I want anything and everything you will write! You are my author that whatever you write I will get and it goes to the top of my reading list.

  2. Thank you!! Wearing a huge grin right now :D