Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bitten by Books today!

I don't have the link yet (not until the interview goes live around 1 pm EST), but since I managed to corner Ty, the hero of Dark Awakening, and get him to do an interview, I hope you'll all come over to Bitten by Books and see what he had to say!

I was up last night writing a version of Snow White with Ty as the Huntsman (I'm participating in a very cool event called Fantastic Fables: Paranormal Edition at Tynga's Reviews in August), and the night before writing a tour that Lily's giving of Mabon, the vampire club she and Ty turn up at in Chicago, which you'll be able to read next week at Dark Faerie Tales as part of their Deadly Destinations event.  Tomorrow I'm participating in a paranormal roundtable on Forever's Blog Talk Radio, which you can either listen to live or later on, as it'll be up there eternally for posterity, I think:)  I'm nervous...but I'll have the link up tomorrow!  Busy busy...and check this out!  The novella I'm doing for Cravings this fall is already "buzzworthy"!  Click HERE to see what RT had to say about MIRROR, MIRROR.  I'm looking forward to writing it...I hope the story comes out as cool as it is in my imagination.

Off to work I go (which means heading into another room, lugging yet another cup of coffee and my laptop).  Hope you all have a great day! 


  1. Kendra,
    You have alot of exciting events and projects on your plate. I'm enjoying Dark Awakenings. It's fun getting to start at the beginning of a series and the creation of a new world. So I see we have Richard today taking on the role of TY. Nice!!

  2. They should invent a 24/7 coffee for good authors!
    I'm looking forward to more - oehm.. yum ;)
    (Even more so since I just read a book I did not fancy at all. Not one of yours, of course!)

  3. Gosh I hate not having internet at my fingertips. I'm missing so much good stuff. Shoot! Everything sounds so exciting and fun!!!

  4. I love Ty's interview so freaking awesome. I love Ty :)