Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday 7/18

I'm feeling like something a little older's a song I listen to plenty during my darker scenes!  Gotta love the Pumpkins.  And the video, which was made by a Watchmen fan, is incredible.

Hope you all had a good weekend!  I cleaned.  A lot.  Behold, my clean desk, a sight rarely seen!

Yes, the toys on the desk are mine:)

I've got an excerpt up at RomCon today, and tomorrow I'm up for the Deadly Destinations event over at Dark Faerie Tales.  I hope you all will join me!  That's been my month...busy busy busy!  Fun, though, and I've met a lot of readers.  Have a great Monday, everyone!  I'm nursing a messed up back (AGAIN), hence the late post...send some healing energy my way, willya?   


  1. Go get a massage, they can do wonders for your back. Or at least add some ice. I hope you get better.

  2. I've been away a few days thanks to company I've had over :) My desk needs to look like that....

  3. Thanks, Kristina. I've been icing it...and I feel very stupid, since this is entirely my fault. I could tell it was acting up and I didn't baby it like I should have. It's definitely better today, so hopefully that continues.

    Ana, I hope you had fun! You should have seen my desk before. Though, actually, the top of it wasn't really all that visible:)