Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reading Between the Wines today!

Yes, I'm still on my tour of the blogosphere.  July has been busy!  I've got a fun interview up over at Reading Between the Wines (and seriously, that is about the greatest theme for a book blog EVER), so please come over to chat.  There's a signed book giveaway, too!

I'm heading home from my gramma's tomorrow, tired and probably five pounds heavier.  I have been in Charlotte, land of barbecue, and I have, um, indulged.  My goofy six-month-old Newf, Stella, has dug up several flowers and scrounged a variety of foods off the counter while we've been here.  Yesterday it was two hard-boiled eggs.  Chewie has decided he likes the bathroom, which is nice and cool for him, but we found him in the bathtub yesterday, just sitting...dogs are weird.

Hope to see you over at my guest blog today! 


  1. Great interviews Kendra. It's fun to blog isn't it? LOL. Barbecue sounds amazing right now. And now we have 4 pets in the house so I'm starting to understand how crazy they can be...

  2. I was there first thing this morning,,lol its gonna be an awsome series,,

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying your visit. And that's a great blog post and good wine. Gotta love the dogs.

  4. Hey Kendra! Great response at Reading between the wines. Very cool site, might have to book mark and visit again! I'm home now. Can't wait to get all caught up with you!

  5. Ana, four pets? Wow, that's what I deal with can be a lot sometimes!

    Jennifer, thanks for coming to the interview!

    Donna, thanks:)

    Lisa, we totally have to catch up! It's been a busy summer!