Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday 7/11 & Blog Tour Update

Happy Monday, everyone!  First, here's a song to get the day started.  It's by a British band called A Silent Film...they're very good.  This is a fan-created video, since they don't have an official one for the song.  Pretty pictures!:)

More writing for me today!  The kids have gone to their grandparents' for a few days, so IN THEORY I should be able to get work done while the sun shines.  First, however, I appear to need more coffee. 

In other news, the Release Month Blog Tour for Dark Awakening rolls on!  Tomorrow I'll be at Shameless Romance Reviews talking about how I came up with the Dark Dynasties (featuring cat pictures and one of my favorite hot man photos of all time...some of you will recognize him, as I've drooled over it before).  And of course, there's a giveaway!  Wednesday I'll be at Bitten by Books with an interview I did with Ty MacGillivray, the hero if Dark Awakening.  He was reluctant at first, but we managed nicely!  You can RSVP HERE to get an extra 25 entries in my giveaway to win one of five signed copies of the book (and let me know if you have trouble with the link, as I have a different one if there are problems).  At the very least, make plans to swing by and chat with Ty and I.  It was a fun post to do!

Have a great may be a Monday, but the sun is shining here:)


  1. Thank you for the music and pretty pictures. I'm glad you have a few relaxed days to be and do what you want without Children. Enjoy!! I just finished the Highland Hysterical. And now I'm going to get lost in the Dark Awakening. Wish me luck. I'd be hard to get my mind off the free swinging under the kilts of those Highlanders. But I bet you can do it. Oh TY? Where did I put you?

  2. 2nd try - I think my Netbook decided to shut down because it's envious - Your cover model got too much attention :)

    Drooling over a hot male is a very relaxing hobby, isn't it?
    And I finally found the time to start reading Dark Awakening - I looove, love it! I'm somewhere right in the middle and took a break from reading to do some housework ( gosh, it was hard to stop, but since the owner of the house I currently housesit will be home for 2 days I definitly need to glam-it-up for him to have a nice stay :) ).
    And I find myself indulging your cover model. Why isn't he standing on the steps in front of my front door right now? [I promise not to shut the door in his face!]
    Thanks for sharing - and have a nice, hot day,

  3. Such pretty pictures, love it.

  4. I love the music you post always Kendra. And I'm excited to follow along on the book tour :)

  5. LMAO...Donna, the image of the free swinging is going to stay with me. You realize that:) I really hope you like the book!

    Hey Fiona! Drooling over hot men is, in fact, one of my FAVORITE hobbies. Very good for the blood pressure, LOL. I'm glad you're enjoying the book! I'm with you on the cover model. He's gorgeous. I'm like, "Hmm, if I go to RT someday, will I get to meet him? Will he be upset if he ends up with a shredded shirt?"

    Kristina, thanks!

    Ana, I'm always glad to have you follow along! And I always enjoy the facebook music posts you do. You've given me a HUGE appreciation for Death Cab for Cutie...I love them now:)

    I didn't get much of a in-laws discovered a big issue with their house that has to get fixed ASAP, so the kids are on their way home. Nooooo! Okay, actually, I missed them for the whole day and a half they've been gone. But it's so hot here they're going to wind up stuck inside and bored. Back to normal for me!