Sunday, January 16, 2011


Okay, I know I said I'd start talking about the Dark Dynasties today, but I'm pre-empting that.  Best to start Monday anyway, I think.  Sunday calls for a fluffy post, and I have just the thing!  Late last night, I got an email from the breeder we've selected to get Chewie a baby sister from.  She's wonderful...been breeding and showing for about thirty years, and breeds Landseers, which is what we're hoping for.  She'll be selecting the puppy (or a couple of puppies to choose from) based on personality.  ANYWAY, wanted to share one of the pics she sent.  These babies will be two weeks old tomorrow, and there are THIRTEEN of them.  I don't think they're all in the picture.  Mama had to have a c-section because there were so many.  See!  See baby puppies!
Ten girls, three boys.  Cheryl thinks they look like little guinea pigs.  I think I'd have to concur:-)

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!  I'm off to keep working...*cries*


  1. The puppies are adorable! I have to ask, because you know I am so NOT a dog person...When you say "Landseers" does that just distinguish them by coloring? Are they still Newfs? Or are we talking a whole different breed here.

    Chewie is not gonna know what to do!

    And hey, no crying allowed-remember you're almost there and Wednesday is gonna be a really sweet day...well maybe Thursday-when you wake up! :)

  2. Hi Lisa! Landseers are actually just the black and white color variation in the Newf. In Europe, they are considered a separate breed, but...they're not:-) I think Chewie is going to lose it, but in a good way. He is this massive beast made of fur and love. I had him at Petco today, and the dog is like a rock star. Every few feet, we get stopped. He loves it:-)

    Not TOO much crying for me. I just want to be done. DONE, I say!

  3. This is exciting. They're so cute. It's going to be hard to choose. Boy that's going to be alot of doggies around the house. No Tears. It's going to be finished soon. But I'm crying. Because I want to read another book of yours soon. It's be too long.

  4. Hi Donna! Yeah, I'm actaully glad the breeder is going to choose for us, or choose two or three we can pick from (which will be insanely hard, since they're all adorable already!). My house is pretty much covered in fur. And drool. But I'm happy. I had a wrestling match with Chewie this evening, but there really isn't any winning with an animal people mistake for a bear on a regular basis. One little girl at Petco tonight thought he was a lion. She was like "Wion?" when she saw him. He went and gave her kisses. So cute:-) I'm sorry there's so much space between my books right now! Believe me, I'm not thrilled about that either. Good news is I just found out the second DD book will be January 2012, and I'm putting together a proposal for more, so hopefully a book out every 6 months or so from June on. Fingers crossed!