Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Inspiration

Gah, it's raining.  Again.  And it's supposed to turn into sleet/snow/something I won't want to drive in later this afternoon.  On the one hand, it's good writing weather, if I can get my butt in the chair.  On the other hand, I am going to come down with a raging case of Seasonal Affective Disorder if this sort of weather continues.  Yuck!  We can't even have a proper snowstorm down here.  It's just this wet STUFF all the time.

Oh well.  I decorated my bulletin board yesterday with a new calendar I bought (slim pickings at this point, but I found a pretty one), along with printed out pics of my new hero and heroine.  I am aware that not everyone loves the Moody Emo Vampire look, but still, this isn't such a bad thing to look at every day:
That's Jaden, in my world.  My editor had asked for a character pic the other day, and seemed to really like this, though she did tell me that the art department would probably NOT put guyliner on the cover hunk.  I suppose I understand, though really, everything is better with guyliner:-)  Here's hoping they match him as well as they did Ty on the cover of Dark Awakening...which, by the way, I googled out of curiosity yesterday, and is starting to turn up on lists of books people are interested in buying because they love the cover!  I want to get it blown up for my office wall.  Hmm, maybe for my birthday! 


  1. I'm looking forward to this new series, sounds very interesting!
    I have only read Call of the Highland Moon and I love it! One of my favorite things about it is that she is a bookstore owner of romance books and I love the idea, I wish I could start a fantasy bookstore. I do have Walk Highland Magic and I was sure I had bough Dark Highland Fire but it is MIA. I just happened to come across Renegade Angel and I am so stoked to read it!
    How many books will be in the highland series? I need to read them all soon. So many books to read!
    Also I'm not sure you noticed it, but on the right hand side under Dark Dynasties BK 1, the coming soon day says June 28, 2010 I think it is suppose to say 2011. :) Still getting use to writing 11 vs. 10 it is a hard transition.
    As soon as I get a new copy of DHF I'm going to read the series.

  2. Hi Kristina! Okay, I'm laughing...yes, I did indeed mess up the date on the new release, and thank you for catching it! I can't seem to get my brain into 2011 mode:-) I'm really glad you enjoyed Call of the Highland Moon so much. I think Carly Silver has the IDEAL job! And the werewolf she catches isn't too shabby either:-) The MacInnes books turned out to be just a trilogy, so as soon as you get DHF (which seems to be out of print, to my eternal irritation...why is the SECOND book out of print?!) you're good to go. You'll probably have to find a good secondhand copy on Amazon or something, but they're out there. It's still available electronically, as well.

    I'm really glad you have Renegade Angel, though. I LOVE that book. Writing a bunch of ornery fallen angels was a really fun departure for me, and I hope you enjoy it! Hope to see you back here...nice to meet you:-)

  3. Oh my goodness, I was just looking at Borders used section and they have 6 copies listed from $15.75 to $165.83, I'm completely shocked and speechless (but book 1 was awesome, so supply and demand for book 2). This is now one of my top priorities When I check out half price books (today in fact), good thing I go to 4 locations and in there at least 1-3x's a month. I will find another copy, but I was so sure I had one. That is very rude that they stopped printing book 2! I don't have any sort of ereader thing, I'm trying to not ever get one, I love my physical copies of books too much! I love getting signatures on them, I would love to get your signature if only you weren't on the opposite side of the US (I'm in Seattle, WA :))bit far to take a little day trip to some sort of local signing that you might have.
    It is wonderful to meet you and I will definitely be checking in to your blog and reading the rest of your books soon, I think after I finish The Mammoth Hunters, Renegade Angel will be my next book.

  4. Oh, man, I wouldn't pay that much! Try sites like Paperback Swap, you may be able to trade something you have for it sister does that, and she loves it. Nice way to keep the contents of the bookcase rotating too:-) Wish I had an extra, I'd send it to you. I swore I'd never get an e-reader either, but I got a Nook, and it's a really nice supplement to my paperbacks, especially because we don't have a big bookstore anywhere near here. I'll never give up my paper books entirely, because I love them too much, so I completely understand! Also, if you ever want one of your books signed, drop me an email and I'll let you know where to send it so I can sign and send it back. I'm always happy to sign books!

  5. I succeeded yesterday and found a copy, sadly it isn't in the greatest shape, the spin is very broken, I can usually keep my spins from breaking. So I'll keep an eye out for a better copy and this one will do for now.
    I will have to do that sometime soon, I want to try to find a better copy and then I will have to send my books to you to get them signed, that would be so awesome, thank you so much!

  6. You're very welcome! Glad you found a book, even if it has been abused...poor thing!