Monday, January 17, 2011

Introducing: The Ptolemy

Aaaand another week is off to a start!  Not a quick start, since the kids are off of school and I intend to stay in my PJs awhile yet, but a start nonetheless.  Oh, and before I forget, my site is beautful and has gone LIVE...hope everyone enjoys the changes!  I love it.  Today I'll start introducing the bloodlines that are major players in my upcoming series.  The info will be available on my website, but I figured this is a fun place to actually chat about each dynasty.  So, without further adieu, meet the largest and, in some ways, most difficult dynasty, the Ptolemy.  Don't mistake them for traditional bad guys...but I certainly wouldn't call them "good" either...
The Ptolemy are the oldest and most powerful bloodline in the world, begun when the goddess Sekhmet bestowed the dark gift on a dying Arsinöe IV of Egypt, sister of Cleopatra.  Their gifts are preternatural grace and speed that go far beyond what even the most talented vampires are capable of, rendering them difficult to catch and nearly impossible to fight.  Arsinöe is a clever, capable ruler, and has made her dynasty the dominant force in the world of night.  Some say that ages of entitlement and relative isolation at court have twisted her, and  the Ptolemy are well known for their disdain for any bloodline besides their own.  But Arsinöe and her kind are a force to be reckoned with, and only a fool would think to get between the vampire queen and what she wants.

Oh yes, ancient Egyptian vampires...mwah hah hah...this is what happens when I watch The History Channel.  Vampires.  Takes all kinds, though, right?:-) 


  1. My hubs is glued to the History Channel. He's glued when anything about the Free Masons, Knights of the Templar and Aliens are on. And Ancient Religions.
    Your Vampire Dynasty sounds very interesting. Is this Arsinoe evil, sick and Kinky? Like Artisama in Greek mytholgy and the Dark Hunter stories?

  2. Hey Donna! They have some seriously cool stuff on History Channel. I loved the big thing they did on the Dark Ages. Arsinoe isn't exactly EVIL, but she's been in power a loooong time, and she's got some funny ideas about how things should work. And yet, twisted and kinky. She'll give me a lot to work with for future books!