Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lovely Lyra

Morning!  It turned out to be a snow day today, which suits me fine.  The kids are playing in the basement (ah, the joys of a finished basement), and since I've already got one cup of coffee in the tank, my head's full of ideas for the work in progress.  Works, I should say...I have a proposal going as well. 

Anyway, I'm looking at my bulletin board as I write.  It's actually covered in useful things, for once.  I have my motivational Jareth picture:
Yes, I work beneath the Goblin King's disapproving glare, but it works.  I also have my new calendar, which I desperately needed because I have an awful habit of losing post-it notes.  The pic I showed you yesterday of Jaden is up there, tagged with his name.  And beside him is my current heroine, Lyra Black.  Figured I would show you all what she looks like today, as I was very proud of myself for finding a character model.  Heroes aren't nearly as hard for me...probably because I like looking at hot men:-)  But it's much more difficult for me to match a woman in my head with a real person.  Maybe it's tougher simply because Hollywood gives us a lot of different ideas of male beauty, but what they consider the ideal of female beauty is a lot more limited.  A LOT.  I do have a soapbox I could get on about that, but I'll spare you for the moment.  What I will say is that I tend not to go for emaciated bobbleheads with blonde hair and bolted on boobs.  What's a writer to do??  Well, in this case, I had a single idea of who might work, because IMO she's one of the most gorgeous actresses working right now.  And lo, I quickly came across a picture of her that was all Lyra, right down to the hair: curly and brown but threaded with blonde streaks. 

And there she is, my tough-yet-feminine werewolf heroine, as played by Kate Beckinsale.  I'm not even far into the book and the sparks are flying!  But then, that's what happens when you put a wolf and a vampire cat together:-)  Have a great one, and if you got any rough weather, hope you have a relaxing inside day!


  1. Hey Kendra! So, another snow day. Wow-I noticed on the news yesterday that it was snowing quite a bit on the east coast. Guess it caught up to you too. You ARE very lucky to have a basement to send the kids to. I'm sure they'll keep themselves very busy while you work!

    I think Kate is a great choice. She is classically beautiful without alot of "extras" if you get my drift. I just watched some of the Underworld movies last weekend-there was some sort of marathon on TV. She was a bright spot in those movies (along with the guy who played Michael-very cute). The acting was bad-but there were vamps and weres-good enough!

    Wish I could send you some sunshine!

  2. I want some snow...LOL I just don't want a lot of snow. I love David Bowie especially in that movie. *Needs to watch it again* The first time I saw it my friend was staying over (My family was out of town) and it was Christmas Eve. It was a fun night :). And that picture of Katie is really pretty. My co-worker and I were discussing just the other day how models nowadays feel like they have to get something enhanced just to look pretty.

  3. Hey you two! Yep, a snow day here. We barely got any, but there's ice underneath, so I guess that's what the powers that be freaked out about. I finally got dressed to work out. Ugh, mistake! And Lisa, sadly, the children didn't keep themselves so busy that they stopped fighting today. Which meant I was busy refereeing. At least I made my page count today, so I'm starting back off on the right foot! Woohoo!

    Glad you both like my choice of Kate. She is, of course, irritatingly tiny, but soooo pretty. And she doesn't look plastic (love the "extras", Lisa, LOL). Underworld is awesome solely for Seline's ass-kicking-ness. Her character is so cool. Ana, you're right, everyone famous seems to feel like they need to get all "enhanced," and then they all look the same! The most beautiful women are individual looking. The cookie cutter blondes are too assembly line to be at all eye-catching. Oh, and you should totally watch Labyrinth again. Classic! How Bowie manages to be hot in the wig and eyeshadow I will never know, but man does he pull it off..."You remind me of the babe, the babe with the power..."