Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Stuff

Ah, Monday.  I...don't like Mondays.  But here I am, surviving yet another one, coffee at the ready and with an enormous puppy drooling on my leg in the hopes that I will share my english muffin with him (I am).  So it was a productive weekend.  I continued with the P90X thing, and am a very sore woman today (Yoga X having kicked my butt yesterday, with Legs and Back looking to continue the trend this afternoon).  I feel better to be doing something, though, and am already seeing results, so...that's some motivation.  I really, really want to look good this summer.  I'm also writing away on Jaden and Lyra's story (title still being debated), and am into the proposal for Damien and Ariane's story, which will (hopefully) be Dark Dynasties Book 3.  That's going to be an interesting one, if it comes to fruition the way I envision it.  Still fleshing out the outline.  Gotta love pairing a mouthy vampire assassin with a mysterious and sheltered she-vamp:-)  I do have to ask, though, if anyone has suggestions for visual inspiration for Damien and Ariane?  He's a handsome, sandy-haired aristocrat by birth.  He's also a brat with a killer smile.  Totally amoral on the surface, but there's more buried underneath.  I'll admit it right now, he's a snarky ass and I love him.  Ariane is an ethereal beauty.  Her hair is going to be platinum, but the model needn't have that...hard to find in the real world.  She should have the face of an angel.  Just classically gorgeous.  I'm just starting to dig around, but ideas are welcome.  Anyway, I am going to hobble away from the computer for more coffee now.  Feeling strangely good despite all the ouchies.   Writing is such sedentary business...I really did need to get moving again!  Have a good one.


  1. Hey, good for you keeping up with your workout. I'm still trying to get motivated myself! There is always so much going on and I'll be the first to say I don't use what little down time I have in the most responsible way. I'll show my age here, but I have my 30 year class reunion this July and I'd really like to be able to enjoy that weekend. There will be lots of beach activities and it won't be fun in jeans and a t-shirt that's for sure!

    No one really popped into my mind when I read your descriptions of Damien and Ariane, but I'll keep an eye out.

  2. I'm proud of you for getting in the Groove and moving it. I do have a guy in mind for Damien.
    His name is Logan Bailey. Scroll down to the picture with the orange photo on the left column.
    I especially like the picture with him in the Orange shirt and Chains.

  3. Hi Lisa! Yeah, not much choice. Motivated hubby cracking the whip on both of us:-) I need it, though. I am not good at motivating myself to exercise! Very cool about the reunion. My 20th (oh my God) is in 2015. I really want to go and look faaaabulous, LOL.

    Hi Donna! Ohhh...he's PRETTY. Great smile!! I knew you'd have some suggestions:-) Thank you!