Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Party Break!

Okay, you all party.  I'll just do the zombie shufffle.  Um, of joy.  Basically pulled an all-nighter to clean up all that was left to tweak (and am now remembering why I always swear NEVER to do this to myself again...every time), but I am happy to report that the manuscript currently known as Under a Wicked Moon (very subject to change) has been sent off my to my editor at Nocturne!  And there was much rejoicing:-)  It's a fun book, full of werewolf-y goodness, and will probably be out sometime in 2012.  I think this is it for the Nocturnes for a while, since this completes my current contract with them.  Stacking deadlines upon deadlines has been rough these last few months.  Not for the faint of heart!

Anyway, the latest book is off the desk, another one has to go right on, but I'm taking today off to recuperate.  Finishing my sixth contracted book is pretty cool.  Or it will be, once my brain starts functioning again!  Party on, dudes.  *shuffles offf*  Braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnss...  


  1. Pop The Cork.
    I had a typo there for a minute on that last word. Yikes!! this is a dark but classy place. *giggling* That champagne went straight to my head. Can we party with the Wolves and make them Howl. Congrats on another book completed !! I know you've been popping Cheetos like theres no tomorrow. Calm down now. Take a Breathe. Turn up the tunes and lets Dance the zombie shuffle.
    *dancing around the room* Hey!! Do those guys bite?

  2. Love the new site...it is so you! Yes Donna, zombies bite! And rip, and dismember, etc. Put a muzzle on them and you should be 'safe'! Have fun people.

  3. LMAO, Donna...you know that's one of the many reasons I love you. We can so party with the wolves. Thanks for the congrats! We ran out of Cheetos a few days ago (ACK!), so I was mostly running on gallons of herbal tea. Probably better for me! And hey, the guys around here won't bite...unless you ask very nicely! No zombies invited but me. And I'm only a pseudo-zombie until I get some sleep. Real zombies freak me out...and they're not sexy at all!

    Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you like it! I'm especially thrilled with the hot shirtless man. I feel like I have reached the epitome of website awesomeness with him up there:-)

  4. Well you sound pretty good for having had several all nighters in a row! Hope you get some sleep and some good comfort food. In a couple days, you'll be feeling better. How long before you have to start the next GCP? Hopefully, you can take a little time for yourself first.


  5. Hi Lisa! LOL, I was up eating vegetable beef soup (Campbell's, yummy) at like 8:30 last night. I looked like something that had been run over. Repeatedly. Hopefully today is better! I have to get going on the GCP pronto, actually, but in smaller sips every day. First chapter is already done, at least!