Monday, February 7, 2011

Aftermath Monday

At least, it is for everyone who was up watching the Super Bowl last night.  I watched some of it at the party we went to, though mostly I talked and ate bad-for-me food, which I am paying for today.  *urp*  Back on the healthy wagon for me.  Glad the Packers won...I can't stomach Roethlisberger.  I got nuttin' today, and I have to go stick my head back in the maunscript, so here's a fun song I've been playing a lot in the car lately at my youngest son's request.  The background music to this is in Little Big Planet 2, which is his favorite game, and naturally, as I'm a music dork, I have the song on my iPod!

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  1. Happy Monday-though, honestly, there is really nothing happy about Monday. We had good eats yesterday too. Real home made Buffalo Wings! So yummy-my lips were burning! I didn't over do it though. I know myself well enough now that it's not worth it in the end to over do. Hope you feel better soon!