Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinner With the Newf

Chewie is almost eight months old now, and his mouth has gotten decidedly...wetter...of late.  Had to share what we've been seeing at dinner lately, because it's funny, a little gross, and one of the facts of life if you live with a Newfoundland.  Check it out:

Now for the extreme close-up:

Say it with me...YUM:-)  This gets even more interesting when he plops his head into your lap.  We've decided he needs a drool towel for when we eat dinner!


  1. Yummy Yummy!! I'm glad it's you not me. *Laughing* And you getting another one!! I sure he's a lover.

  2. You know, he's so cute I could almost overlook the drooling....almost! Maybe a bib would work!

  3. He really is, Donna. The cuteness overcomes the buckets of drool:-) I must like slime, I guess!

    Lisa, they actually make bibs just for Newfs. He may need one for mealtime, I swear.

  4. gross...I"m glad I have a little corgi and I don't have to worry about the drool thing, just lots of sneezing on me :)