Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Hope that if you have a sweetie, he's extra sweet today, and that if you don't, you treat yourself to something nice regardless.  My hubby brought me sushi last night (YUM), and he's making these awesome shrimp ka-bobs today.  I also have the sneaking suspicion that he got me something from 1-800-Flowers,  but I guess I won't know until it shows up.  Like every husband, mine has days where he's kind of...a butthead...but he's also pretty special.  Especially because he puts up with me:-)  I got him a card with a cute fuzzy monster on it that lights up and plays Wild Thing.  Fifteen years together, and yep, he can still make my heart sing.  It's supposed to go into the 60s here today, so hopefully he can get home early and we can spend a  nice afternoon.

So what's everyone doing for Valentine's Day? 


  1. Well, This morning he made me Breakfast in Bed. And gave me a Red Gerber DaisY in a cute Pink Pot. Some small boxes of Chocolates. It's not Roses because they're not as Long Lasting he said. We've put up with each other for 41 years in May. I Gave him the Same Card as You Kendra!! *Laughing* Wild Thing you make my heart Sing. We taking our Girls out for Lunch. And then I'm doing Curves to wear off Breakfast and Lunch. And probably we'll end the night with Heart Shaped Pizza and Red Wine and a little Midnight Fantasy after Hawaii 5-O. Have a Great Valentines Day with your Loved Ones.

  2. Hey Kendra! Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your day and evening with your hubby! J and I didn't make any special plans. Much too difficult for a week night with all the kids activities. My parents will be here next week while my kids are on winter break. Hopefully we can swing a date night during their visit.

    I hope your weather warms up as you predict! We had a storm blow through overnight and everything is wet this morning. The news says that it'll be clear by mid day so we do have some sunshine to look forward to!


  3. Aww, Donna, that sounds like a LOVELY Valentine's Day! Love that you got the same card...great minds and all that:-) You have a beautiful day!

    Hey Lisa! Yep, it's a gorgeous day here, and Brian said he's going to try and leave work around 3 so we can sit out back and enjoy it. I am soooo ready for Spring! I hope you and J get some time together today, and yeah, a date night next week! Those are rare around here, too:-)

  4. Got to love our men!

    My husband is planning on making me dinner tonight and have it ready by the time I get home from work this evening.
    So I get to work today and massage all the couples that are coming in today.

  5. That sounds like a lovely evening, Kristina! Yeah, we all seem to have good guys:-) So you're a masseuse? Very cool! I've decided that when I turn in this next book in April, I'm going to go get a massage. My back could really use it!