Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Blogging and Giveaway!

I'm over with the Paperback Dolls today giving away a signed copy of Renegade Angel!  We're also talking Bad Boys, one of my favorite subjects:-)  Hope you all can come join the fun! 

P.S.  Sorry for the light blogging this week.  My five-year-old has a nasty case of bronchitis, and we've been at the doctor's yesterday and today.  It's hardest when the little guys go down with something.


  1. Oh my, sorry to hear about the bronchitis. The coughing is so very hard to hear, poor little guy! If they gave him antibiotics, he should feel better soon, but that cough might linger for a bit. My sister always developed bronchitis after a simple cold. My son had croupe too many time when he was younger and I kept waiting for him to grow out of it. That cough and when they have trouble breathing was enough to turn my hair white!

    Really hope he feels better soon!

  2. Thanks, Lisa:-) Yes, the coughing is miserable, and constant. He's having a hard time breathing, so is on albuterol nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. Plus the antibiotic, plus motrin for the fever...this sucks, because I can't just fix it. Poor Garrett (and you) with the croupe! That is NASTY stuff. My older two have finally outgrown the propensity for cruddy lung illnesses too, but we have a while yet with my baby boy, I guess. Hoping he starts to improve soon, or we'll go for round 3 at the doctor's tomorrow. *sigh* No rest for the wicked, and I won't be sleeping well tonight. The mommy worrying is in full effect.