Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh My.

This was too pretty not to share with you all.  Thank you, Lisa.  A thousand times, thank you.
His name is Gabriel, and he's Mexican.  And I don't know why he's wearing a furry loincloth, and I don't care.  I know he has an interesting nose, but...I like interesting noses.  Even the facial hair is working for me.  This, ladies, is cover hunk material.  Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. WOW! I need my husband to work out and get that body!!!!

  2. Hola amiga! Es muy caliente aqui!

    I wonder what movie this was for? Or maybe it was just a photo shoot. Love the tats. I'm so glad you liked him!

    And I know I said that I would be good today, but you gotta check your email. Go on now. It's safe, I promise. You won't faint today.

    adios :)

  3. Kristina, right there with you!:-)

    Lisa, LOL, I must reiterate that you rule. Gabriel and the tats are smokin'. And those pictures of Tom S are probably going to melt my computer. Will go check my email!

  4. VERY VERY NICE Love the Fur loin cloth!!!
    I'm sending you someone too. He might be a inspiration for a Character. I'll never look at guys in hoodies the same again after the 2 I'm sending you.