Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today is...

...pretty boring.  Have some writing to do this morning.  Lost my mind briefly because Chewie decided to come upstairs to visit me and then lift his leg on a suitcase for no apparent reason.  I stupidly thought we were through that with him, but hey, such is my life.  Oh, and I have to do Core Synergistics today for P90X, which is my most hated workout of the group.  Lotsa weird push-ups.  I stink at push-ups.  Also had an awesome brainstorming session with my editor at GCP for the third Dark Dynasties book, too.  It is now officially going to be AWESOME (if I can, you know, write it correctly).

Here, have some Muse.  I've been blasting this in the car's an older one, but faaaaaabulous.  It really deserves to be cranked up, owing to the pipe organ.  Oh yes.  There is pipe organ.  Gotta listen to the whole thing, though, since it doesn't really start to crescendo for a bit.  Have a good one!


  1. Hey! Congrats on the productive and successful chat with your editor. What a difference to have a positive influence! Sorry to hear about Chewie's accident. Maybe there was a residual smell of some sort on the suit case. :( And how goes it with puppy no. 2? Hope everything is going well on that end.

    Muse is great! And hey, didn't you go to a concert last year sometime? You weren't blogging because of deadlines and you never mentioned it. Was it great?

  2. I liked the Muse. The picture looks like a field of goal Posts. You write these story of these Sexy hero's and we'll all SCORE!! Chewie, Chewie. Bad doggie.
    I just came back from Curves. No pain, no gain.
    Please clarify? Are you creating Sexy hero's in YOUR Butt hugging jeans? Or Creating sexy butt hugging hero's? HMM!!!

  3. I loveeee Museee. Hearing about you writing more and more makes me want to write lol.

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks:-) Selina is awesome, seriously. I'm not sure why Chewie decided to do that this morning, but I was NOT a happy camper. I think he was just being a happens. Hopefully he will remember my head exploding and think twice before doing it again. Puppy # 2, who will be called Stella, is 4 weeks old now! So we bring her home in 6 weeks. We won't find out which one is Stella for a while yet, though:-)

    I DID go see Muse back in October, and they were completely AWESOME! So good live. So, so good. And there were laser beams. And giant eyeball balloons full of confetti. Whenever they come back, I'm going to see them again!!

    Hi Donna! I think it is a field of goal posts. No clue why. Good for you still going to Curves! I just started my second week of P90X tonight. Um, OUCH. But it's getting better. LOL at your question! It's the heroes in the butt-hugging jeans, 'cause that's probably more appealing!

    Ana, you should go for it!