Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stuff I Do in My Nonexistent Spare Time

Some of you know that I like to park it and play a video game for stress relief sometimes.  I had a blast playing Dragon Age: Origins and all of the DLC, plus the Awakening expansion, while I was writing Renegade Angel and then Dark Awakening...slaying darkspawn was pretty cathartic:-)  Books, movies, video games...I'm a sucker for a good story, wherever I find it.  And I'm a fantasylovin' girl from way back.  So you won't be surprised that I was all over the demo for Dragon Age II when it was released yesterday (just the demo...the game isn't out until March 8th..and yes I have pre-ordered the signature edition and am ridiculously psyched).  It was just a taste of the new game, but they've changed some things, and I was anxious to have at it.  I plan to go through the demo as each of the three classes (warrior, mage, rogue), but last night I stuck to rogue, that being my favorite.  Why?  Well...leather armor and being able to pick locks and sneak up and backstab people has its appeal.  Anyway, here's one of the more recent trailers for the game.  Yes, this is what I enjoy wasting time on.  I wish there was a trailer showing the female version of the main character, Hawke, because that's who I play with (she's very pretty), but you'll get the idea anyway.

In other news, I am still writing along...that's not very exciting to talk about, but it seems to be going well.  Writing a more empowered and sarcastic heroine, which is always fun for me.  I mean, you never want to cross over into Pure Bitch, but sarcastic is always fun.  You know I love my snark:-)

Have a good one!


  1. Uh huh! I see the attraction you have toward this game. Love the Dragon! ;)

    I hope J & B are doing better. And you too! How's the P90X going?

  2. I have always loved watching the videos for video games, I just wish they would make it into the little mini movie so you could watch that. I don't play video games, I have no talent for it at all. I could never get the hang of The Mario Brothers, I can't drive in a straight line the only gaming stuff I can do is shoot ducks or play trivia games.

    I'm looking forward to your book so much!

  3. LOL, yes, dragons r kewl. My sister has accused me of being a thirteen-year-old boy, but I think she's missing out:-) J & B are doing better. Just slow getting everyone healthy, and I'm pretty tired. P90X is still going strong! Tough to get motivated this past week, but I always feel better once I do it.

    Kristina, I love game trailers too! There are some kinds of games that I'm really bad at. I can't seem to aim in shooters, which stinks, because there are a bunch I'd like to play. I suppose it might get better if I would practice, but I HATE dying over and over and over. Give me a sword, however, and I love it. I can generally manage Mario Bros. type games too, and the new Donkey Kong Country is a lot of fun. We had the original way back.

    I'm glad you're looking forward to the book! Won't be long:-)