Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wellness, and the Pain of Moving the Booty

I got my monthly copy of the Romance Writers' Report yesterday, the publication of the Romance Writers of America.  Since it's early in the year, when most people are at least trying to live up to yet another New Year's resolution of fitness, they made this issue about a writer's physical fitness and the connection between that and mental wellness.  It's especially applicable to writers...our job is VERY sedentary, and it's easy to park it and munch away every day.  The butt grows to fill the chair.  And you all know how I love my Cheetos.

Anyway, this issue resonated with me because, as I have mentioned, I'm making a concerted effort to FINALLY get fit this year.  I'm not a particularly big girl, but I'm well aware that I was out of shape and had lousy eating habits.  Also, I was not liking the booty jiggle I had/have going on.  I tend to run at fairly high stress levels, and I had been feeling increasingly tired and overwhelmed, which is not a place I want to be with all the work I have going on right now.  So about six weeks ago, my husband, who had also been feeling dragged out and overweight, ordered P90X.  And once I turned in my last Nocturne a couple of weeks ago, I started it too.

So I won't lie: I'm sore.  It varies by day, but today is one of the less good ones as far as how my muscles feel.  As in, my butt is killing me.  It's a big commitment (at least an hour a day, often an hour and a half), and it has required a change in my craptastic eating habits.  I love me some junk food.  But despite all that, I feel kind of...good.  Tired, but in a different way, and healthier than I've felt in a long time.  Like I'm cleaning all the garbage out of my system.  And after two weeks (today is my second rest day, meaning tomorrow I'll head into Week 3 of Phase 1), I am seeing major differences in strength, stamina, and even the shape of my body.  Haven't lost weight yet, sadly (men, who always seem to have it easier in that department, tend to lose weight more quickly because of the testosterone and their body composition), but I have dropped nearly a full inch off my hips in a short period of time, and it's my understanding that as I build muscle and continue on, the weight loss will come too.  But the main things right now are that I look better, feel better, and am actually enjoying my nightly sessions with Tony "Bring It" Horton because that time allows me to focus on something else and sort of blow the dust out of my overactive mind.

Thought I'd share this today as it has been a large part of my existence this last couple of weeks, and I'm pleased with how it's going.  I couldn't do every exercise when I started, and there are still a couple I fall out on, but that's totally acceptable and expected in this program.  But just between weeks one and two I've made big gains, and I'm excited to see how things look at the end of the full 90 days.  Is anybody else out there giving movin' ye olde booty a shot this winter?  What's working for you?  I'll be giving periodic updates on my progress, because...well, it's something to write about, and I'm in the same boat as a lot of people.  Had a few kids, got pretty sedentary, and would like to feel better about my health.  And like I said, it's a pretty big issue for writers.  We sit a LOT.  It's easy to become one with the chair:-)

Have a good one!   



  1. Good for you girl. That's a commitment. I'm doing WW. And doing Curves and taking Zumba Classes. I am a big girl. So Any exercise can be challenging. But I love Zumba. And Yesterday my Zumba was having problems. I couldn't get the Ba and the zum together. Ritzy the instructor moved so fast. you know it's Salsa, Bellydance, Hula, and the Twist, Modern dance and Exercise all together. And we're wearing a Bellydance Scarf around our waist and hips. Mine flew off and hit the Instructor. That's the way to shake it baby, she said. LOL

  2. LOL, that is AWESOME, Donna! That IS the way to shake it! I've always wanted to try Zumba, because I love to dance. And everyone says how fun it is. Good for you, doing all that! I know a ton of people who've had success with WW. My neighbor is doing it, and she looks amazing. I think exercise is challenging in general...I would much rather relax, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  3. Just remember muscle ways more then fat, so as you are building muscles and loosing fat you aren't really loosing any weight, just replacing. Don't think of workout at how much weight you have lost, but in building muscle, toning muscle and gain stamina. I don't even own a scale, I hate those things, I don't want to define myself by my weight.
    I'm still needing to find my workout plan. I do play soccer 1 night a week and that isn't enough. I want to do the P90X, but I wouldn't be able to do it 6 days a week, my work schedule is kinda wonky to make a scheduled workout time.
    I really want to get in shape before I get pregnant (hopefully by the end of the year) so I can have a healthy pregnancy and an easy time loosing the baby weight.
    But I get so lazy because there are so many good books to sit and read!
    I'm going to start book 2 DHF today! Love Renegade Angel.

    Keep up the good work, I love soreness due to working out!

  4. Hey Kristina! Oh yeah, I know you're right. And I wish I could throw out the scale. It's just difficult when you've spend a lifetime defining yourself, at least in part, by what that stupid thing says! I'm working on getting away from it:-) LOL at being lazy with good books...I SO hear you. How cool that you're planning to have a baby! My sister is pregnant with her second right now. I'm happy to watch you all. Doing that three times pretty well robbed me of the desire to do it again! Kids are wonderful, that's awesome:-) Hope you like DHF!